Student Success

Maximize college student retention and completion

Student completion is the fundamental mission of higher education. But to guide more students to completion, it takes the right data, the right strategies, and the right resources, all working together.

Our solutions for Student Success provide:

  • Accurate assessments that deliver actionable data for retention planning and student interventions.
  • Predictive analytics that enable intervening earlier with students who are receptive to help.
  • Student retention strategies that increase efficiency and the impact of retention efforts.

Explore our Student Success solutions and see how you can maximize student retention and completion.

RNL Student Success™

Increase college student retention and completion—and improve enrollment—by strengthening the student experience. RNL Student Success gives you the most comprehensive way to nurture and develop successful students from pre-enrollment through graduation.

RNL Re-Enrollment for Student Success

Boost enrollment and retention by re-engaging "lost" students who deposit but do not enroll or who have withdrawn in their first year.

RNL Student Retention Predictor™

Predict the likelihood of each student persisting and identify campuswide risk factors to student success.

RNL Retention Management System Plus

Intervene early with students and connect them to the campus resources they need to persist.

RNL Satisfaction-Priorities Assessments™

Pinpoint critical areas of the student experience that require immediate attention.

RNL Career Services

Connect students, alumni, and employers through RNL Career Services, featuring the Purple Briefcase™ platform.

Case study on Student Success

Lynchburg College college student retention case study
  • Retention rate increase of 6 percentage points one year later
  • Retention rate increases for male and African American students
  • Read the case study »



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Student retention reports

2018 National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report2018 National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report

How satisfied are today's college students? Read this national study of more than 600,000 students at nearly 900 colleges and universities to find out. The report also looks at the data by ethnicity, gender, adult and online learners, graduate students, and more.

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2018 National Freshman Motivation to Complete College Report2018 National Freshman Motivation to Complete College Report

Discover what first-year students said about their motivations, attitudes, and challenges with finishing college.

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2017 Effective Practices for Student Success, Retention, and Completion2017 Report: Effective Practices for Student Success, Retention, and Completion

Read effectiveness ratings for 28 tactics, 30 management practices, and 13 population-specific programs

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